How much does it cost to make a blog? (Personal experience)

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The first question that may be on your mind? Well have no fear, all is explained below. I

how much does it cost to make a blog pe

You are probably here because your are considering starting a blog and before you have even started you have somehow found yourself in panic mode. This panic may be a sense of confusion or overhelm from multiple questions savagely attacking your brain.

One of this questions is most likely to be, what are the financial implications.

Well let’s get straight to it: £0


However, like anything in life you are going to be very limited in what you can produce. Unfortunately things aren’t free.

To create a good website/blog there will be a start up fee.

In other posts I will cover other options but for now I will only review the path I chose. This isn’t to say that this is the right way but it was the way I found worked.

To create this blog I used WordPress

For me the set up was very easy and the live query chat is very fast and extremely useful.  It can be a bit more intimidating in comparison to other blog sites however, the power and capabilities is leagues in front of the rest and they’re a lot of other reviews that say similar things. However, some other blogs will recommend other platforms and alternatives. It all comes down to personal preference. Whatever platform you use to create your blog on make sure you have a test run on a free platform first so you can get yourself used to the whole concept of blogging.

That’s how I started and then once I felt happy to proceed I signed up to the personal subscription, this costs £3 monthly but is charged yearly, so £36.

With the personal you get:

Custom Domain Name
Jetpack Essential Features
Email & Live Chat Support
Hundreds of Free Themes
Basic Design Customization
6GB Storage Space
Remove Ads

For me this was a good start as it allowed me to set up the foundations of this blog without throwing my self into too much financial commitment. It also allowed me to build up my post content and spread the word about my blog.

Once I was happy with how the way things were developed I signed up to the premium subscription as this allowed me to monetise my blog. This costs £7 per month paid yearly, therefore £84. As it was upgraded the original fee was deducted from the £84.

The premium has all of the personal features plus

Monetise your site
Videopress support

So far the total is £84 however, that is just your site, what you also need to consider is that may want personalised multimedia content. Before I started blogging I already had photo software that I use. I use Affinity Photo which at this current time is £48. It is a comprehensive tool which I found extremely user-friendly. It is also a one stop shop for payment which is different to other programs out there which charge a monthly subscription fee.


Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 00.56.58


So that gives you a total of £132.

To me it was a no brainer, £132 for a start up that would give me the opportunity to start something of my own and potentially provide myself with an additional income to support my daughter was worth the try.

If you want to ask me specific questions about my personal experience please go ahead.

To summarise the steps on setting up the blog.

  1.  I setup a free blogging page and got used to the functionalities.
  2. Signed up to a personal subscription which allowed more control over the blog and the ability to grow the blog.
  3. Once i felt I was ready for more commitment I upgraded to the premium subscription which allowed me to monetise my content.


For some people this works and for others it doesn’t. You have to decide whether this is right for you or not. 




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