Why your mobile devices are bad for you at night

It’s 2018 and it’s not uncommon to use either a phone, tablet, laptop, computer or ebook before bed, however the LED from these devices can affect our health. Essentially LED lights emit short wavelengths which are enriched with more blue light compared to natural light and this blue light affects our melatonin and therefore our sleeping patterns.

Sleep disruption can affect our body’s internal clock which is known as the circadian rhythm. Studies have shown that shifts in our internal body clocks can vastly affect our health because our body clock dictates the function of our organs as well as our wakefullness.

George Brainard a neuroscientist from Thomas Jefferson University and Anne -Marie Chang a neuroscientist from Harvard university state that the melatonin which is the hormone in our body that helps us sleeps is released a few hours before bedtimes and peaks in the middle of the night. The blue light emitted from our devices suppress our melatonin and delay the release of it in the evening and advances it in the morning.

Essentially blue light is bad for us, however devices that emit blue light are so integrated into modern day life that for the majority of people it would be extremely difficult to change.

Therefore, you could consider dim the brightness on your screens or making use of specifically designed apps that filter out the short wave lengths. For those who want to take it a step further they’re are specifically designed Blue Blockers glasses that are wearable.

However, if you can it make be a consideration to reduce your device time at night.

For some people this works and for others it doesn’t. You have to decide whether this is right for you or not. 


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